24 April, 2023

Future Ones | F1 in Schools South Africa - Applied STEM education for inspired learning

F1 in Schools South Africa is driven by Future Ones a not-for-profit company, official license holder for the challenge. The programme offers a pathway for South African pupils to direct their talent, passion and career aspirations through a global STEM challenge.

F1 in Schools draws on design, make, test and race principles from the pinnacle of motorsport. This gives pupils, aged 6 to 19, the opportunity to apply maths and science theories while having fun, learning about teamwork and experiencing the thrill of high-performance competition.

The challenge exposes participants and teams to CAD design, applied physics, CAM, marketing, finance, sponsorships, leadership, communication and much more. The Primary STEM challenge offers an affordable entry point to ignite the passion at primary school level. Thereafter, the competition begins as teams shifting gears from paper-based cars and hand-held pumps to model blocks and gas cylinder propulsion. Technical and Competition Regulations govern the programme to ensure consistency across all teams and all countries.

"We are delighted to support the F1 in Schools programme as it continues to inspire and educate young people in STEM subjects, which are critical not only to our sport, but can have a huge impact on the wider society."

- Stefano Domenicali, Chairman and CEO, Formula One

Quality education and decent jobs are key to South Africa's sustainability. F1 in Schools offers a pathway for young, high achievers in South Africa to reach for their dream careers in motorsport and allied industries, starting in the humble classroom. In SA, partnerships with universities, industry and motorsport teams support the sharing and transfer of technical STEM knowledge, racing experience and professional skills. Every generation can get involved, from school pupils and sponsors to retired STEM experts, teachers, professionals and racers. Teams can participate only or choose to compete in the national competition. It all comes down to sponsorships.

The F1 in Schools Primary STEM pilot programme was introduced at a youth center in Johannesburg in 2021, with the support of F1 in Schools HQ. This pilot programme presents a compelling case to expand the reach of F1 in Schools across South African schools, including community centers. Universities also have a role to play in bridging the school-to-varsity transition.

"Offering a way to learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths related subjects in such an exciting way is achieving great results and we know we are increasing the intake of students into Engineering careers."

- Andrew Denford, Founder and Chairman, F1 in Schools

Schools and teams must raise sponsorships to buy equipment, consumables and to compete. Future Ones NPC administers the programme, runs the competition in compliance with the Rules, administers the Technical Centre and oversees safety, ethics, good governance and fair play across its value chain. Income generated through sponsorships is invested in the administration, promotion and growth of the programme and competition. A central treasury function supports this objective, to reduce the risks of poor governance. Future Ones procures all custom-made equipment from the official supplier.

Play your Part in unlocking the "Pupil-to-Pinnacle" vision if you, your school or your organisation prioritises STEM education, diversity & inclusion and excellence. The foundation for building and sustaining a vibrant industry for STEM and motorsport professionals in South Africa, starts here. Join our quest.

Article written by FTP Media - Purpose driven Passion