Pupil-to-Pinnacle Success

Purpose-driven partnerships to fuel next generation passion and inspire extraordinary success though motorsport.

StratAstute Future Ones is a not-for-profit company. Our mission is to enable bright, young minds to reach and succeed at the pinnacle of  motorsport and related high performance professions.

Our flagship programme, F1 in Schools, is offered in schools across across 58 countries and is recognised by Formula One, Formula One teams and allied commercial partners. All participants compete on the basis of centrally developed and supplied instructional guidelines, technical specifications, competition regulations, equipment and consumables.

The excitement of passion-inspired learning, engaged teamwork and healthy competition brings theoretical school subjects to life, in a fun and interactive way. This stimulates curiosity and creates space for applied STEM exploration.

We support schools to implement and grow the programme. Our ongoing quest is to ensure that programmes are affordable, accessible and sustainable for schools and participating teams in South Africa and on the African continent.

Our shared value partnerships are a critical success factor. To this end, we partner with future-focussed leaders who choose to inspire passion and early invest in next generation success, in motorsport and across its high performance value chain.

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Success is a journey of committed passion, purpose-driven experiences and sustained excellence.

Our Directors

Roshni Gajjar

Executive Director
Strategy & High Performance

Preggie Govender

Non-Executive Director
Technology & Engineering

Reyaaz Hassan

Non-Executive Director
Risk & Compliance

Tahir Hassan

Non-Executive Director
Finance & Technology
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We want to see South African pupils engaged, compete and succeed in the global, high performance F1 in Schools STEM challenge. Schools are our talent pools. Sponsors are our talent enablers. Volunteers are our talent catalysts.

Our diversity and inclusion priority leave no school or youth center behind. Participate to put maths and science in motion, the motorsport way. Teams of six STEM minds need fellow pupils to support with design, marketing, finance, logistics and administration. Participate for fun in class. Compete for high performance against the world's brightest STEM minds. School gives the green light, invests once-off capex for a mobile track and teams raise annual sponsorship for equipment purchase and team costs.

Corporate sponsors - schools need your support. Invest with Future Ones and participating schools to tap into a rare pipeline of young, bright STEM talent, future leaders and rising stars. Unlock CSR ROI and make a world-class difference to propel South African talent to the pinnacle of motorsport and allied industries.

Pupil-to-Pinnacle cannot happen without experienced experts and volunteers. Calling on all active and retired STEM, motorsport, automotive and educational professionals to volunteer your passion, time and expertise to join our Future Ones working groups, aimed inter-generational mentoring, knowledge transfer and success.

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