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Discerning business strategy beyond the numbers

About our purpose

Our Name, “StratAstute”, represents an integrated concept, delivering synergy through being:

  • Strategic: relating to the identification of long-term or overall aims and interests and the means of achieving them.
  • Astute: having or showing an ability to accurately assess situations or people and turn this to an advantage.

StratAstute Consulting is a Level-1, management consulting company, offering specialist advisory and consulting services that align, integrate and optimise Purpose | Performance | Profits | People to drive business sustainability.

Working with StratAstute Consulting will support the medium and long-term growth and sustainability objectives in your business, thereby enhancing the overall value proposition for investors and stakeholders.


To be trusted as an astute and reliable business advisor today to help unlock strategic value for tomorrow.


To work with leaders to shape and steer successful organisations that inspire excellence, motivate high performance and deliver value to its stakeholders now and in the foreseeable future.


  • Good ethics is core to reputation
  • Accountability earns trust
  • Professional competence enables value-add and earns credibility
  • Passionate service inspires success
  • Innovative and future-focussed thinking are key to sustainability

Meet our people

Roshni Gajjar

Roshni Gajjar
Founder and Managing Director

Roshni is a Chartered Accountant, Certified Director and certified Risk Management Professional who has held various specialist positions in both the private and public sectors, including global pharmaceutical, managed healthcare, assurance and higher education organisations. Throughout her career, Roshni has converted strategic objectives and plans into results, unlocking growth opportunities, building lasting systems and developing people in the process. She is particularly effective in navigating through complexity and uncertainty. Roshni brings clarity forward-thinking and the momentum of purpose to any pivoting, planning, execution and/or oversight objective. Her expertise include strategy, finance, risk management, business development, corporate communications and investor/stakeholder relations.

Roshni Gajjar

Taejal Gajjar
Senior Consultant: Branding, Marketing & Media

Taejal is a strategic marketing professional who is passionate about brand-building and responsible marketing. For more than 15 years, Taejal has influenced the positioning of leading brands across South Africa, Africa and the UK, largely covering the Financial services, FMCG, Franchising, NGO and QSR sectors. Her integrated marketing and communications experience comprises brand strategy and architecture, brand planning and management, brand communication and advertising, campaign management, media planning and social media management, budgeting, forecasting, pricing strategies and brand performance management. Taejal is recognised for her engaged, committed and operationally astute approach which effectively communicates the brand value proposition, strengthens brand equity and delivers on targeted ROI.

Paolo Giuricich

Paolo Giuricich
Associate Consultant: Organisational Development and High Performance

Paolo is a Chartered Accountant and an experienced organisational development consultant who has worked with leading corporates and professional bodies in South Africa and internationally. For more than 20 years, Paolo has successfully integrated and applied the principles of sound financial stewardship with a transformative, “thrive” approach to human capital management, thereby facilitating the development of empowered, high performance and optimised organisational cultures across more than 30 countries worldwide.

Paolo Giuricich

Mario Vallarejo
Associate Consultant: Strategy Execution and International Projects

Mario is a Business Administration professional with qualifications in executive coaching, organisational development and holds a Six Sigma Green Belt. Mario specialises in building leadership bridges to cross complexity, change and diversity. Over more than 15 years, Mario has accumulated deep experience in managing business critical projects on behalf of global, multinational corporations. He is fluent in English, French and Spanish.

  • Nelson Mandela Business Chamber
  • George Business Chamber

  • Proudly South African


StratAstute Consulting

The role of entrepreneurs and leaders is to set and direct the vision, in accordance with a Purpose. This is the foundation on which lasting organisations are built. StratAstute Consulting is committed to building sustainable businesses and this intent is delivered through StratCapital, a strategically-focussed advisory and consulting service that comprises:

  • Shaping and steering sustainable strategies.
  • Risk management for responsive and effective decision-making.
  • Practical corporate governance services to support reputation, organisational trust and accountability.
  • Developing and building a vibrant, high performance organisational culture.
  • Developing optimal capital and resource allocation models to support a viable and responsible business model.

StratAstute Consulting

Without execution, strategy has no momentum. The proof of a good strategy, lies its effective implementation. This needs the right plan, people, systems, processes and measures. We have entered a new, disruptive era where business models, systems and behaviour are all undergoing change, on a global level. An agile organisational and leadership approach is required to transition and adapt to a new and inclusive way of working in Industry 4.0. StratAstute Consulting supports clients on this journey through StratEx 4.0, an engaged service offering that supports clients with:

  • Planning and executing complex, business-critical projects.
  • Oversight and execution of game-changing projects using a systems-based approach.
  • Positioning and developing strategically-aligned, empowered and integrated project management capability within the organisation.

StratAstute Consulting

Positioning the business value proposition, its brand and products effectively personifies the business model, creates a connection with the target market and builds relationships with key stakeholders, including customers, business partners, investors and employees. StratAstute can take care of your branding, marketing, media, communication and stakeholder engagement needs through StratCom. Our service is agile to suit your requirements and budget. We leverage our expertise to unlock your value proposition and deliver ROI through an A-Z solution comprising:

  • Brand development and/or management including logo and website development.
  • Marketing strategy and/or management to connect your brand and products to customers.
  • Media, social media and/or content management to support advertising, promotion and customer activation objectives.
  • Measuring, monitoring and reporting ROI and brand value creation.
  • Stakeholder engagement, relations and/or communications, including investor relations and corporate communications.
StratAstute Consulting

Purpose, Communication and Technology enable a connected world. This enables us to meet, engage and thrive as an eco-system.

Through StratConnect we are able to communicate and engage with the StratAstute Consulting community on evolving conversations that support those things we believe in.

#ResponsibleBusiness #ResponsibleMarketing #Technology4Good and #AccountabilityActivism.

Our Approach

Our eco-system of business partners and professional associates has been carefully fostered and structured to ensure that StratAstute Consulting delivers an integrated, professionally competent and strategically relevant solution to its clients that enables business leaders to make effective and value-generative decisions in respect of Purpose, Performance, Profits and People.

Stratastute Consulting

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”
- Henry Ford

Purpose Performance Profits People

"If we don’t do the things we are born to do, the things we are able to do and the things that are right to do, we deprive ourselves of the true joy that one gets from the absolute triumph of having helped another human being. That is real leadership. We could achieve so much if we did not care about who takes the credit. - Bonang Mohale

Services are tailored to suit your business requirements, informed by priorities that are identified during an initial, no-cost consultation session with top management.
The initial meeting is conducted in-person or digitally.

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