26 April, 2023

Blog | Get Sustainability Going

Sustainability is not a framework or a policy or an incentive. Sustainability is a mindset which, once purposefully defined, becomes a habit and then matures into a culture.

We all have a part to play - from institutional leaders to emerging entrepreneurs. You're either actively contributing to progress or hesitating and holding back on vital contribution. Every decision and every action matters.

The "right" starting point is a relevant, beneficial intent that offers realistic potential to unlock long-term prosperity, beyond the organisational moat. Make the decision, take that step, commit to contribution.

A 2023 survey by the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) revealed that the number of institutional participants that develop responsible investment policies because the organisational culture compels action, represents only 27%. There is a steep catch-up curve to climb in the present economic cycle to 2030. Waiting for regulation generally stalls progress and delivers incoherent outcomes. 

As a leader, influencer, decision-maker, capital provider - ask yourself the following question:

"Am I acting in a way that leaves things

in a better state, than when I walked in?"

Get sustainability going, before you're gone.

Reach out if you're thinking about ESG and sustainability or battling to activate the intent. From leading multinationals and institutions to downstream SME's, StratAstute Consulting has worked with Boards and executive leaders to position, conceptualise, formalise and mobilise sustainability and ESG in a way that best serves the business purpose, astutely mitigates risks and pulls stakeholders along the dynamic journey. Let's Talk.

Article written by Roshni Gajjar