Keywords: Leadership, Resilience, Strategy Execution, Sustainability, Inclusion

Of the snippets I have heard of the Spare interview, my contextual question is this: Does Prince Harry's yearning for a "family" vs an institution represent an underlying generational trauma experienced by the Gen Y / Gen Z's or those who feel unseen / unheard / unrecognised?

As leaders at home, in society and in organisations, I believe we must engage in multi-generational talks with the cohort the WEF calls "the disillusioned youth", to understand their root issues so that we can co-create and unlock a cohesive, future culture of living, leading and working. Else the next generation is unlikely to thrive - relational locks exacerbate conflict and conflict-ridden patterns; nothing prospers. Resilience atrophies.

Everyone has a part to play in any future scenario where shared respect between people fuels a shared vision, beyond individual goals/ agendas. Leaders must enable this across their spheres of influence and intentionally.

Perhaps a leadership priority in the New Normal is about back-to-basics when we choose, where we have influence, to actively invest in those significant, high-quality connections and to create space for relevant, meaningful conversations.