Leaders/Parents/Adults in general: if you have your heads buried in the sand, navigating draining systemic issues, rise out!

The wars outside are causing wars inside us and crevasses between us, weakening inter-generational cohesion.

The next generation needs a pull strategy from the current generation. Else all growth, all progress, stops. Borrowing some wise words from my brother which speaks to remaining relatable:

"Avoid getting too tense. Else you'll become past tense!"

Think long term, practice mindful resiliency. Your words, thoughts, opinions, habits and actions all carry impressionable power. Use it responsibly.

There is a fine line between contextualised realism and constant pessimism. The latter causes chronic inertia. Aim for practical forward-momentum, no matter how big or small the marginal gains.

This has been my key take-away in a week of multi-purpose, inter-generational conversations with 4 to 94 year olds about the future, as we see it through today's window.

What legacy do you want to create? Back cast.